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Vectra Security   –  Complete  window film security solutions

SCVS is: a special reinforced plastic window film; designed to achieve high Level of security to vulnerable windows whilst not impeding  the visual appearance of the property of vehicle.

SCVS is : Bulletproof and Burglarproof Window FilmFor Vehicles, Buildings, Store Fronts and Homes !

Our Bulletproof and Burglarproof security film can be installed on windows in buildings, homes.

In addition, vehicles much like standard window tinting film! Once installed, it gives you a level of Protection you will enjoy.


2- Levels of protective film are offered:

224 - Burglar Proof security film to withstand high impact knocks by from such things as Smash & Grab, Burglary, Natural disaster etc… The glass cannot be broken out.

336 - Bulletproof Film  Human life & property protection from planned attack such as burglary, Bashings, Molotov cocktails, shooting, explosions, terrorism, or assassinations.


Stop  danger outside

* Resistance capability depends on type of armor, type of bullet, thickness of glass and Number of layers (see data sheets for more information).


. Basic PET film quality has 3 level, A, B and C. Our film is at class A. Further, the glue

It plays a very important part to hold the glass from penetration, special formula,

Blending machine and know how is very important to produce class A glue. Most cheap

Security film in market does not have Class A glue, thus reliability is not assured.


Thieves tried to break the glass with bats & clubs for a burglary…

That did not work!

They then tired to shoot the glass that …                                               Did not work either!

Just think of the protection you can provide to family, friends, staff & customers by using this film on buildings, homes and vehicles.


Advantages of Security, Safety & Bulletproof Films

  • No penetration of glass regardless - man-made or natural disaster
  • Easy installation
  • No renovation required
  • Solar and UV filtering
  • Provides cooler environment
  • Protection against Weapons, Natural Disaster, Explosion, etc...
  • Life time endurance
  • Compatible cost against others material
  • Overall Lower costs – ANY GLASS



  • Buildings - Government offices, Financial Institutions, Museums, Shops, Prisons etc…
  • Public Places – Airport, Bus & Train terminals, Hospitals etc…
  • Vehicle’s – Military, Police, Cash Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Heavy Loaders
  • Kindergarten, Reformatory and Public nursery
  • Displays – Public galleries, Jeweler stores, Fashion houses, Gift stores.
  • Storm prone areas, Coastal developments
  • Resorts, Villa and Garden House.

Military bases and the places in the risk of stray bullet...ANY GLASS

Military Demonstration of Bullet Proof Film

Military Demonstration of Bullet Proof Film

Close Up Photo of Ballistic Tests

Photo of ballistic tests in which various bullets had been fired into Glass with the bulletproof film installed.

The Security Film will stop smash & grab thefts.

The Bullet Proof film will stop penetration by most bullets and ballistics.