Do you know that the windshield is responsible for about 20% of the structural safety of the vehicle? ... So Solar Control can protect the driver from flying glass when exposed to fracture and breakdown during accidents,
by using the first and only American product winning patents in the field of the protection of glass from road risks and shock absorbers and has a high level of transparency provides a clear vision.

  • The product is designed to protect the windshield from road and natural factors such as sand, dust, gravel and flying debris.
  • Has the ability to protect the windshield from the broken without leaving clear effect on the product.
  • Has the ability to resist scratches.
  • Keep the windshield original.
  • Protection from the risk of damage to the windshield.
  • Reducing waste of time and upset caused by windshield maintenance or need to replace.
  • Provides thermal insulation inside the vehicle, which helps to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and reduce the glare of the sun helps it to better vision in the noon.
  • Isolate the harmful rays that helping to protect furniture and interior decoration from damage.